Product Discovery

We align your team around a shared product vision through design principles, customer insights, & prototyped concepts.

What We Deliver

In partnership with product managers, EightShapes defines an experience strategy grounded in audience insights and expressed through a prototype.

Experience Strategy

Communicate the big picture or future state of your product.

Audience Profiles

Capture user insights and prioritize their needs.

UI Prototypes

Envision how users interact with your product.

Design Discovery Projects

Drawing on time-tested design techniques, EightShapes crafts a Discovery process that emphasizes exploration, iteration, and validation.

1Frame the Problem

Solutions depend on understanding the problem. We work together to understand the constraints, parameters, and objectives that define the problem space.

2Develop Hypotheses

Design concepts propose solutions that might solve the problem. Converting a problem statement into testable hypotheses is a crucial step in driving design and research activities.

3Prototype Ideas

After brainstorming and iterating in low-fidelity sketches, we work together to develop a prototype that represents the concept and allows us to test our hypotheses.

4Test Solutions

Running the prototype in front of the target audience gives answers to the hypotheses but also provides insights about the users.

Baseline Research

Baseline research projects are quick studies to inject targeted user insights into your design and development processes.

Usability Testing

Testing your product prioritizes fixes to the UI and clarifies what's important to users.

Navigation Testing

Card sorts and "treejack" tests provide insights about labeling, structure, and priorities.

User Research

With a broad toolbox of research techniques, EightShapes can provide audience insights to inform your product strategy.


These half- or full-day workshops draw from design thinking best practices, and can be customized to fit anywhere in your development lifecycle.

How We've Contributed

EightShapes has contributed three books, a documentation templating system, and a prototyping framework, not to mention countless workshops and articles.


Does your product need a vision? Does your UX need a concept? Does your team need design direction?

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