Information Architecture

Every digital product, site, or app has an underlying structure – its information architecture – that frames the user experience. A sound structure is essential for usability and sustainability.

Working with us

Whether your product is outgrowing its navigation or you need to consolidate 10 different products into a single platform, EightShapes' engagements can suit your budget or scope. Our engagements include:

Our experts

Collaborating closely with our clients' internal design teams, EightShapes drives the design process ensuring we all learn, produce, and have fun. Every project is lead by a full-time principal designer and is extended by experienced partners.

Our experience

EightShapes – founded in 2006 by a pair of information architects – has engaged with organizations large and small to tackle the most complex IA problems. Past clients include:

Created by EightShapes

EightShapes' team members have been contributing to the information architecture community for 20 years.

Information Architecture Lenses

A deck of 51 cards, each with a distinct perspective for evaluating information architecture design work.

Conversations about Information Architecture

A podcast with 50 information architects, product designers, and user experience professionals about the practice of information architecture.


Whether to set up office hours, a working session, or explore a larger project, contact EightShapes to get started.

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