Design Discovery

Discovery Training Workshop

Get your team up-to-speed on discovery. In this training workshop, we’ll give them the tools they need to plan and execute a discovery phase.

Why a Workshop?

Discovery is messy, chaotic, and poorly defined. Is it just research? Or something more? Do all your teams do discovery in the same way? Should they?

In this workshop we’ll take a step back from the day-to-day, looking across discovery efforts to understand what they have in common. We’ll look at what makes them more than research, and how to make them practical for any effort. We’ll establish a vocabulary for talking about how to do discovery. With this foundation, we’ll ask teams to map their process so everyone has a clear picture of what everyone else is doing.

What You Get

With EightShapes’ experience and enthusiasm, you’ll inspire your teams and energize your discovery efforts. Your team will get:

  • Framework for planning their discovery efforts
  • Common language for discussing discovery with their stakeholders
  • Practice creating problem statements
  • Customizable discovery project plan
  • Sample discovery documentation
  • Essential discovery habits and behaviors

What We Cover

Part one covers theory, the building blocks of what discovery is and why it’s important. Part two goes into determining a schedule and outputs.

Both halves include exercises throughout to reinforce the concepts and provide some experience with discovery techniques. We can customize the exercises to align with current projects or challenges facing your team.

Prepping for the Day

In advance of the workshop, we’ll meet a few times to determine the right balance of topics for your team.

You have the option of customizing the workshop (for a fee), which involves tuning content to suit your team’s circumstances, and injecting real-world examples from your work.

Who Should You Invite?

Discovery impacts all areas of the organization, as developing new products and improving upon existing ones depends on building on common understanding.

Essential Participants

  • Designers and Design Leaders
  • Researchers
  • Developers
  • Product Managers and Owners

Additional Invites

  • Executive Sponsors
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Market Research
  • Customer Support

Let's Get Started!