Design Systems

Make your experience cohesive and your teams efficient with a design system of parts and practices to serve your product teams.

It’s not just a living style guide. Modern organizations invest in systems so they can deliver innovative and beautiful products, together. We can guide you.

Make It Modular

Designers are getting systematic with their work. They deliver systems as living, coded guides. Everyone’s thinking atomic and building modular.

EightShapes has 10+ years experience designing components, sustaining client libraries, and sharing what we know with 2009’s Modular Web Design and workshops worldwide.

What We Do

Workshop & Talks

We help you gather a group to collaborate through a series of working sessions, often paired with a large-group talk or two.

1-2 days

System Strategy

We help you pitch a vision and objectives, plan a roadmap, and articulate the library, products, and people involved.

1-2 months

System Design/Build

We make a library with you, designing and documenting components, building guides, and forming a community.

3 month cycle


We can bring you in-house talks and hands-on activities customized to your needs.

Modular Web Design

Design modularly, organize a library, and code up components and page types via hands-on activities.

Up to full day

System Docs

Plan, architect, and design effective web-based style guides for code, patterns, and custom topics.

Up to ½ day

System OKRs

Get your team prioritizing objectives and articulating key results and stretch goals for a systems practice.

¼ day

Our Systems Clients

Since 2006, we've helped clients formulate strategies, create visual languages, design, build and document libraries, and operate across releases.


EightShapes contributes to the design community with writing, seminars, books, and toolkits to document UX and prototype in HTML & CSS.


About to kickstart a system? Need a partner to build it? Ready to spread or sustain it?

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