Chris Detzi

Sr. Director, UX
Eightshapes since 2007

Chris leads a wide range of design and research programs at Eightshapes, delivering results for clients across numerous industries. He balances strategic consultation with high quality execution and delivery.

He’s at ease working directly with an organization’s senior most staff or right alongside designers, developers, and management teams. Throughout his career, Chris has:

  • Directed large, multi-faceted design programs both in-house and as consultant
  • Led cross-functional teams to complete complex design and development projects
  • Built and integrated in-house design teams into product development workflows

Prior to joining EightShapes, Chris worked at Sprint-Nextel, where he lead large customer facing and internal product redesign programs.

These experiences, along with Chris’ collaborative and diplomatic style, led him to facilitate the workshop Diffcult Conversations in Creative Environments with Dan Brown at the 2009 IA Summit.

  • 2018

    • NetApp ActiveIQ Product Design
      Design Lead and Researcher
    • Virtru Control Center Product Design
      Design Lead and Information Architect
    • NetApp LUCI Design System
      System Lead of blended eightshapes/client team
  • 2017

    • NetApp Dashboard Design
      Design Lead
    • Universal Service Indigo Design System
      System Lead of blended eightshapes/client team
    • NetApp Software Trials Redesign
      Information Architect
  • 2016

    • Site Redesign
      Design Lead of blended eighthapes/client team
    • RingCentral eCommerce Design
      Design Lead, Information Architect
    • NetApp eCommerce Concesign
      Design Lead, Information Architect
  • 2015

    • ACN Digital Product Strategy
      Information Architect
    • NetApp Universal Information Architecture
      Information Architect
    • Yahoo! Hiring Portal Design
      Design Lead
  • 2014

    • Yahoo! Corporate Tools and web sites design
      Design Lead, Program Director
    • Yahoo! Corporate Sites Design System
      System Lead
  • 2013

    • Yahoo! Company Intranet Redesign (Backyard)
      Design Lead
    • Yahoo! Goals Tracking Application Design
      System Lead