EightShapes, LLC, is a user experience design firm based in Washington, DC, and does work for large corporations,  government agencies, and small startups.

Open Positions

#1. Design Prototyper Meets Front End Developer

Be a part of a UX team that defines the design, works with development on implementation, and coordinates with stakeholders to understand requirements, present prototypes, and iterate rapidly to a final solution. You will spend somewhat equal parts of your time building prototypes to prove and assess design ideas, implementing final markup (the “UI Tech”) for delivery to engineering, and enriching how EightShapes communicates design by refining our  process and artifacts.

Successful design prototypers will have strong design sensibilities and experience with the tools and techniques of UI simulation and prototyping. You ARE expected to be a front-end programmer, with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills lying somewhere between Inventor and Wizard.

#2. Visual Designer

Plays nicely with interaction designers, and effortlessly moves between developing completely fresh visual concepts, applying a strict set of visual standards, and producing detailed design specifications.

#3. Interaction Designer

Knows a bunch about designing interfaces for complex web-based services, and can play in the areas of information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, and conceptual modeling.

A Great Place to Work

EightShapes is an LLC incorporated in Virginia. We offer:

  • Competitive salaries and bonus targets.
  • Generous, employer-funded profit-sharing deposited annually in a 401k that you can also defer your salary into. No matching, no miniscule percentages. We worry about your future so you can worry less about it. Note that profit sharing depends on sufficient profits, but we’ve met our whopping annual target every year so far since the plan was established in 2007.
  • A collaborative creative environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance, including 12 days vacation, 3 floating holidays, and 9 holidays each year.
  • State-of-the-art equipment (a souped up Macbook Pro and large displays) and software (at least the Adobe Creative Suite) for all creative professionals.
  • Rewards for hard work and sales. While we prefer everyone works a 40-hour week (and that’s pretty much the case), we’ll bonus you for efforts that go above and beyond. Help us generate leads and close on prospective projects? Yup, there’s a reward for that too.
  • Benefits for insurance of health, vision, dental, life, and disability.

While we are based in Washington, DC, we have a distributed workforce. We use collaboration technologies both new (IM, Skype, screen sharing, and maybe even telepresence soon) and old (conference calls and formal meeting locations across DC – not just Starbucks!). You should be comfortable spending some time working remotely from the rest of your project team for a portion of each work week. While distributed, all positions generally require you to live in the Washington DC metro area unless you are some kind of irresistible rock star.

Our Requirements

We want to hire you. What’s the catch? We have eight (count ‘em) requirements:

  1. You have to know quite a bit about user-centered design, and have an opinion (and back it up) about the role of prototyping in the design process.
  2. You produce professional design documentation, know how to adjust your documentation style depending on circumstance, and can demonstrate that in your portfolio.
  3. You can prioritize actionability and practicality, and know what we mean when we say that.
  4. You pair excellent communication skills with an attention to detail, and stand up to peers when they play “bad cop”.
  5. You can work independently, plan your activities (and communicate that plan), meet your deadlines, and ask for help when you need it (or even when you don’t need it, so expect to collaborate).
  6. You can tell a good story.
  7. You are beyond “beginner” with both Sharpies and the Adobe Creative Suite, or have intermediate-to-advanced skills with a comparable package (is there one?) such that a transition to how we create and describe things is a breeze.
  8. You know a little something about what’s under the hood, and understand the capabilities and limits of presentation layer technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and others.

Your Application

Your cost of entry:

  • Three or more years’ experience — we only hire experienced designers and developers
  • Portfolio that demonstrates the range and quality of your work, whether you’re a designer, writer, coder or project manager
  • Three positive references (from a peer, a manager, and a customer)

Note that showing up to the interview with a copy of one of our books does not automatically get you the job, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. What would hurt is if you have the book but don’t know what it’s about. Tell us a story about what we wrote, now that’s a winner!

Next Steps: Email Us!

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